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Welcome To 3 Phase !

3 Phase Talent Group, LLC is a full-service entertainment company that invests in local talent and local markets.

Over 20+ years in the making, 3 Phase is the first ever talent production entity with three distinctive phases that serve three primary functions; Creative Productions & Promotions, Talent Development, and Talent Representation. All three entities have a single purpose: securing work for the talent we represent.

But our expertise doesn’t stop there……..

Our Vision

3 Phase Talent Group, LLC is truly a visionary & multi-faceted organization. Propelled by our own personal vision to create an extraordinary enterprise that could take those fragile dreams for talent nationwide and turn them into a solid reality, we succeeded with the foundational fabrication of the 3 Phase concept and it’s innovative formation.

Combining all facets involved within the entertainment industry into a singular successful entity we have succeeded in turning our own dreams into a reality as well as those of our clientele.

3 Phase Talent Group is...Inclusive!

3 Phase Talent Group, LLC is currently focusing on Creative Productions & Projects that are underscored by the necessity to operate a talent agency. The overall goal is to develop talent to a working level, all while offering and negotiating promotional opportunities for talent.

Production– Event & Film

Talent– Development & Representation

Promotion– Booking, Branding, & Marketing

3 Phase has combined all facets involved within the entertainment industry into a singular successful entity.

3 Phase Talent Group is...Connected!


Serving all of West Virginia in Creative Production, Aggressive Promotions & representing WV’s finest Talent as the ONLY registered Talent Agency in the entire state.


Proven history of successful professional relationships with entertainment entities in:

Cincinnati, OH~Pittsburgh, PA~Washington, DC~Richmond, VA~Charlotte, NC~Nashville, TN


Over 20+ years working with Agents, Managers, Actors, Film Productions, Casting Directors, Writers, and Producers in both Los Angeles, CA and New York, NY.


Current projects


National Partnerships


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